Book Review: Unlocked by Margo Kelly

“Plug had drawn a picture of the damn,
Inspired by something in the backroom,
and his dad was a necromancer.
What was I even doing here?”
― Unlocked, Margo Kelly

Book Review: Unlocked

Book Review: Unlocked by Margo Kelly
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Hannah was living a perfect life. Perfect grades, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend. Until they all went to the carnival and participate in a hypnosis act. Everything in her life went under.

After the tragic car accident that took the life of her best friend’s boyfriend, and both her best friend and boyfriend in the ICU, Hannah’s life has never been the same again. She is starting to see and hear things others don’t, she is doing things that she wasn’t aware of or can’t remember she was doing and she is freakishly afraid that she might end up like her crazy father.

But why is someone going in and out of her bedroom, putting things out of place, and ordering her around? Is Hannah really seeing the unknown or is she being manipulated?

Unlocked by Kelly Margo is absolutely CRAZY! Crazy Ironically, I’ve been so curious about hypnosis lately and then this book landed on my “to review list”. At first, I got to predict who was traumatizing Hannah and I thought that was it for this book. Since it was so predictable I might as well drop it, but then I got really compelled by the story as I read.

Hannah is a strong character, I really admire her for being persistent into “still” living a normal life after what had happened to her and what was happening to her.

Plug (a.k.a Eugene yes, let’s use that as his a.k.a.) is the boy who help Hannah get through all the craziness, I don’t hate him but I don’t actually like him either. Maybe because I find him a bit more on the occult phenomenon without having basis. It just looks like he is a fanatic and was trying to experiment on Hannah, kinda thing. All in all, he was okay.

What I like about this book is that, even though I kinda predicted who’s who, the events in this book isn’t really what you typically what you expect it to be, I wanted to know more about what will happen and how they can unlock the mystery of what really is happening around Hannah.

Although I find their investigative procedure very convenient, like a bunch of friends who has this webcam program and the other one was a like private investigator. I liked how they turned out solving the case in the end.

If you like mystery, a bit of a thrill then this book is definitely for you!

Book Review: Unlocked by Margo Kelly
October 1, 2016 | Merit Press
Teen & Young Adult, Thiller & Suspense, Mystery, SciFi
Received ARC from Edelweiss
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Book Review: Unlocked by Margo Kelly5 Stars

My Rating: 5 Stars
Plot: Fast Paced
Page Turner: YES!
Continued?: No.
Recommended: Yes, definitely! ( Available on October 1, 2016)

Book Review: Unlocked

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Margo Kelly
Margo Kelly

Margo Kelly loves to be scared … when she’s reading a good book, watching a good movie, or suffering from the hiccups. She enjoys writing mysteries and thrillers for young adults and hopes her stories give readers the goose bumps or the itchies or the desire to rethink everyday things. Margo is a native of the Northwest and currently resides in Idaho. Her award-winning debut, Who R U Really?, was published by Merit Press (an imprint of F+W Media) in 2014. Her second novel, Unlocked, will be published by Merit Press in October 2016. Margo welcomes opportunities to speak to youth groups, library groups, and book clubs.

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