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The Treasure of Trenalon

by A.R Silverberry

$0.99 originally $13.99 (Limited time only) 

In a world shrouded in dark enchantment and treacherous secrets, the tottering Resistance led by Purpura seeks gold and weapons to survive. Briar, wielding her formidable sword, is determined to aid their cause. But when a sorcerer plunges the kingdom into bloody chaos, Briar sees only one hope: embark on a perilous journey in search of a mythical treasure.

However, Briar is not the only one seeking this treasure. A mysterious adversary, drawn by both the promise of riches and Briar’s captivating charms, sets out to capture or kill her. Armed with determination and a readiness for battle, Briar faces this threat head-on. Yet, she finds herself torn between her duty and her love for a pirate.

As Briar navigates the dangerous waters of the Teeth, she must confront not only external adversaries but also the seductive allure of the sorcerer. With her heart torn between loyalty and desire, Briar must find the greatest treasure of all—one that can save Purpura from descending into madness.

Contemporary Romance

Kissing Kosher

by Jean Meltzer

$1.99 originally $10.51 (Limited time only) 

Avital Cohen faces a challenge as daunting as her family’s bakery: chronic pelvic pain has sidelined her photography dreams and love life. Desperate for help, she hires Ethan Lippmann, a charming stranger who quickly becomes more than just an employee. However, Ethan is hiding a secret—he’s undercover, tasked with stealing Avital’s family recipe by his strict grandfather.

As Avital and Ethan work together, their connection deepens, overshadowing Ethan’s original mission. As they navigate their growing attraction, Ethan helps Avital find relief from her pain and discovers a passion for her and her bakery. But when the truth threatens to unravel their budding romance, they must decide whether honesty is worth the risk, even if it means sacrificing everything they’ve built together.


Sleep: a Tale of Two Destinies

by Kanan Srivastava

$3.99 originally $4.99 (Limited time only) 

In the bustling streets of New Delhi, amidst the clash of modern life and ancient whispers, a legend of unparalleled power persists—a tale of a mystical necklace rumored to hold the key to defying fate itself. At this crossroads of dreams and ambitions, two young men, Ajay and Ankit, find themselves poised on divergent paths.

Ajay, the introspective poet, seeks to immortalize the yearnings of his soul with each stroke of his pen, while Ankit, fueled by ambition, craves the heights of the city and the allure of power and wealth.

Unbeknownst to them, the mystical necklace, passed down through generations, weaves a thread of destiny that draws the young men into a dance of fate they could never have imagined.


Break Her Silence

by Kate Tristan

$0.99 originally $10.99 (Limited time only) 

In the shadows of Cleveland’s waterfront, rookie FBI Agent Merit Reid is eager to prove herself among her seasoned colleagues. When a chilling discovery of six human skulls in a secret room comes to light, Merit dives headfirst into her first major case.

Paired with her boss and reluctant mentor, Sean Everett, they race to identify the victims from cold cases and missing persons. But their efforts are disrupted when a fresh body emerges, a decapitated woman with a haunting message attached.

As the body count rises and the hunt for the killer intensifies, Merit and Sean must unravel a twisted web of clues before the perpetrator strikes again, driven by a sinister determination to find their next victim.

Organized Crime Fiction
Century Historical

Dark Sins, Enemies & Lovers

by Natalie Brolack & Kathilee Riley

$0.99 originally $10.99 (Limited time only) 

As a trained killer and a super-spy who dedicated his life to the agency he thrived under extreme pressure, William Kane considered them stupid, basic rules. His only goals were to find the mysterious ledger and avenge his parents’ murder.

When he showed up at a glitzy party, hoping to find a useful clue. He ended up saving a beautiful news reporter’s life.
Then discovered she was the clue he’d been searching for.
Which meant protecting her. Taking her home.
Having the curious blonde under his roof meant his true identity was at stake.

Even worse was realizing he had a thing for this spicy woman who danced with danger (him).
For the first time, he considered having the best of both worlds, until a cautionary phone call from the agency soon revealed that rules 2 and 3 were not simple, basic rules after all.
William Kane will have to decide: the love of his life, or both their lives?

Vampire, Thrillers, Suspense

From the Ash

by Dave Heron

$0.99 originally $15.24 (Limited time only) 

Five days. It took me five days to crawl out from the bowels of the rubble. I emerged from my tomb into a world nothing more than a wasteland; propelled into chaos where everyone has all but lost their humanity.

My name is Phoenix, and the world as I knew it ended that day; the day the human race was nearly eradicated, and my journey home began.

Woman Fiction Crime
Psychological Fiction
Contemporary Woman

The Cold Cold Sea

by Linda Huber

$0.99 originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

Maggie stared across the beach. The tide was coming in. But where was her daughter?

When three-year-old Olivia disappears from the beach, a happy family holiday comes to an abrupt end. Maggie is plunged into the darkest nightmare imaginable – what happened to her little girl?

Further along the coast, another mother is having problems too. Jennifer’s daughter Hailey is starting school, and it should be such a happy time, but the child has become moody and silent. Family life has never seemed so awkward, and Jennifer struggles to maintain control.

The tide ebbs and flows, and summer dies, but there is no comfort for Maggie, alone now at the cottage, or for Jennifer, still swamped by doubts.

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