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Bury the Wolf

by James Luker

FREE originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run with wolves… I mean real wolves… wild wolves.

John Ryder does just that. Completely captivated by an old Indian legend, John searches out and joins an extremely elusive wolf pack… But this is no ordinary wolf pack. These wolves have a twisted history and an unparalleled destiny.

Together, as a family, they will rule the wilderness and eventually John himself becomes the most efficient killer the forest has ever seen. But everything has a price and in the deepest parts of the wild, blood is the only currency.


Back to Me

by Natalie Ann

FREE originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

In “Unseen Bonds,” Cooper Winslow grapples with the echoes of a childhood trauma that forever altered his path. Attempts to move forward are hindered when the woman he once believed could be the love of his life sees him as nothing more than a friend. Years pass, and just when he accepts their paths may never cross again, fate intervenes, offering a second chance. This time, Cooper is determined to express his true feelings.

Morgan Finley, immersed in her career and striving to keep pace with her siblings, undergoes a reevaluation of her priorities. As she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, an old college friend reenters her life, revealing a connection she hadn’t noticed before. Balancing doubts and newfound realizations, Morgan must navigate a delicate dance to hold onto something precious. “Unseen Bonds” unfolds a poignant tale of love, missed opportunities, and the power of second chances, inviting readers to explore the complexities of life, love, and the unseen threads that bind us.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror

Nite Fire: Flash Point

by C.L. Schneider

FREE originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

Delve into a world where legends become reality, monsters lurk, and alternate realms await in “Flash Point,” the captivating first installment of the Nite Fire Series. Faced with execution, Dahlia Nite, a shapeshifting assassin, seeks refuge in the human realm, dedicating her existence to safeguarding them from the shadows. As she conceals the truth that could spell doom, the shadows stir, lies accumulate, and Sentinel City becomes the focal point of bizarre, brutal murders.

In a gripping blend of urban fantasy and murder mystery, Dahlia grapples with her own deceptions while investigating the unsettling killings. Each clue unraveled threatens the peace she carved in the human world. As the secrets, buried for centuries, teeter on the edge of exposure, Dahlia is compelled to confront her past and return home—the one place she vowed never to revisit.

“Flash Point” is an award-winning journey into a realm of shapeshifters, dragons, and parallel worlds, seamlessly intertwining suspense, urban fantasy, and the allure of the unknown. Join Dahlia on a thrilling odyssey that challenges the boundaries of reality and imagination.

Mysteries, Thrillers, Action

Deadly Behavior

by Walter Marks

FREE originally $2.99 (Limited time only) 

In “Deadly Behavior,” David, a psychiatrist at Vanderkill Prison Hospital, grapples with guilt when his former patient, the notorious “Baby Carriage Killer” Victor Thomas Janko, escapes under his watch. Victor’s killing spree post-escape intensifies David’s sense of responsibility.

The narrative unfolds on dual fronts: Victor’s actions as a fugitive and David’s relentless pursuit to bring the killer to justice. As Victor’s life takes a dark turn, the tension escalates, culminating in a shocking climax of violence where the two narratives converge. This psychological thriller explores the consequences of David’s perceived failure and the disturbing consequences of a killer on the loose, creating a gripping tale of suspense and retribution.


Love’s First Kiss

by Glynnis Campbell

FREE originally $4.99 (Limited time only) 

In these four captivating tales, our heroines face challenges like crossing swords with a formidable bridegroom, engaging in a dance with a knight in beggar’s disguise, finding refuge with the laird’s huntsman, and evading the shire’s most feared lawman. 

Each full-length story unfolds a unique blend of romance and adventure, promising a journey where love meets its match. Whether it’s the clash of swords, the dance of disguise, seeking refuge, or dodging danger, these high-spirited heroines navigate the medieval landscape with courage and charm. Join them in their quest for love, passion, and the enchantment of Love’s First Kiss in this enthralling collection of medieval romance.

Mysteries, Thrillers, Action

Buried Alive

by Andy Holmes

FREE originally $2.99 (Limited time only) 

If you liked David Baldacci, Dean Koontz, Kendra Elliot, Jeffery Deaver, and Jim Butcher… then you’ll love Buried Alive.

An Assassin with no memory…

…A desperate mother. Sinister malpractice.

A sadistic surgeon hones in on his next victim. Anyone who crosses Dr. Thomas Philtzer winds up dead or vanishes. One of them is a mother trying to protect her daughter. Jessica Cooper is nine years old and Philtzer is bloodthirsty.

In a dingy Motel 6 on the outskirts of town, an assassin sleeps. The dime sized implant beneath his pituitary activates. His mind awakens like the safety of a gun being flipped off. He has no memory of who he is or how he got here. He takes solace in the singular certainty that is always with him when he wakes up – I don’t have a name, only a number – 917. I’m here to kill someone and when it’s done, I can go back to sleep.

An encrypted phone relays the details of his mission. Save the girl. Protect the mother. Put down Philtzer. The punishment must fit the crime.

Mysteries, Thrillers, Action

Isolation: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder

by C.L. Bluestein

FREE originally $4.99 (Limited time only) 

ISOLATION: What would you be willing to do if you could get away with anything?

“Nonstop Read. This is a page turning intrigue. Twists and turns along the way make this must-read. I hope there is a sequel.” Amazon Review

Meet Tawanda President Kwanh Ebu who must control his country’s diamond resources to support its independence and enhance his personal finances. To this end, he hires Lucy Kilmer and overlooks her diabolical solutions targeting war refugees. Peter Powell, working for U.S. State Department, is again on site and caught up in their shifting political schemes.

Enter Vice President Dani Mitchell who has power but no responsibility. At the same time, her personal life is in shambles. She must deal with her non-marriage to her cheating husband and a pair of non-responsive teenage twins. Her life changes when President Franklin Sandford puts her in charge of immigration and a DOD initiative requiring subcutaneous IDs. She summons all her strength to overcome daunting professional and personal challenges.

Against the backdrop of war, genocide, greed, and power, a ruthless cartel protects its own. Their retribution is swift and inevitable. From New York City, Washington D.C., and Tawanda, Africa, follow our heroes as they are all embroiled in the cartel’s deadly dance.


Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse

by Aurora M. Winter

FREE originally $9.99 (Limited time only) 

Step into the realms of boundless magic, treacherous quests, and the tantalizing allure of the unknown. For fans of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, and Shadow and Bone comes an epic new fantasy series for young adults.

Ana Zest might look like your ordinary teen, dreaming of Hollywood stardom, but she’s anything but typical. With enigmatic violet eyes that hide a secret even she’s unaware of, her life takes a fantastical turn when she and her brother, Zackary, are thrust into an enchanting multiverse and find themselves in the heart of a cosmic mystery.

Ana gets her wish for the role of a lifetime as she explores the multiverse and encounters a wild and wonderful cast of characters, including a talking dog. As Ana and Zackary unravel the mystery of the multiverse, they discover a world in peril. Its fate lies in the hands of the one foretold by prophecy. Could it be Ana?

Everything goes terribly wrong when the evil Censor kidnaps Zackary and holds him hostage. Can Ana save her brother and this world? Will she overcome the forces of evil, claim her magical birthright, and fulfill the prophecy?

Dive into the multiverse, where destiny awaits at the crossroads of magic and mystery. The cosmos has never been this enthralling!

Teen and Young Readers

Summer Unplugged

by Amy Sparling

FREE originally $0.99 (Limited time only) 

Dive into this best-selling teen romance today. Over 150,000 copies sold!

Bayleigh is addicted to her cell phone and her mom has had enough. After catching her sending a less than lady-like photo to a boy who barely knows her, Bayleigh’s mom sends her away to her grandparent’s house for the summer–sans cell phone, laptop and iPod. Bayleigh thinks the summer will be torture without social media…that is until she meets the boy next door.

Mysteries, Thrillers, Action

Lies Come True

by Emerald O’Brien

FREE originally $0.99 (Limited time only) 

The killer is cunning and ruthless, but even the best killers make mistakes.

Emerald O’Brien, author of unpredictable mysteries packed with suspense, brings you the first thrilling novel in the Avery Hart trilogy that keeps readers guessing until the final installment.
Avery Hart narrowly escapes death after being attacked in the woods of Crown River. Ten years later…

The body of a young woman is discovered along the path of a park in the same town.
The next woman to be attacked survives and reveals a potential link between the current killer on the loose and the attack on Avery years ago.

Noah Cotter, an ambitious new inspector, becomes drawn to the case when his curiosity combines with his attraction to Avery.

The dangerous search for truth appears to be muddied with each shocking secret brought to light as they realize that when someone is deceived for too long, sometimes…

Lies Come True


Kiss of a Dragon

by Alisa Woods

FREE originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

LUCIAN: I am a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke… and I am dying. Five hundred years is truly enough for a man like me. A monster. Yet a ten-thousand-year treaty will die with me, if I don’t spawn a dragonling to take my place. My two brothers are no use in this task. It falls to me, the eldest by a hair’s breadth, and yet, I cannot face the horror of another sealing. Another death. Another woman’s blood on my hands.

ARABELLA: I was saved from death in a dark Seattle alley by an impossibly beautiful man swooping in on golden wings. Now he’s kidnapped me, taken me to his lair, and given me an absurdly simple task—find him a mate. Only then will he set me free. He’s rich, powerful, and the heat off his smoking-hot body is melting my panties. This guy is unlucky in love? Something’s not right. And I know one thing deep in my bones: all men lie. Even the dragon kind.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: He needs her more than he wants; she wants him more than she should; and the fate of both the mortal and immortal worlds depends on not just repairing their hearts, but finding a Love that’s True…

FALLEN IMMORTALS: A modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror


by D.K. Holmberg

FREE originally $3.99 (Limited time only) 

Taught to fear magic. Trained from a young age to destroy those who wield it. The First of the Blade Series begins.

Trained to destroy sorcery from a young age, Imogen Inaratha left that life behind, having come to see magic differently. When her brother asks for help, she embarks on a dangerous journey—and must face a part of her past she wanted to forget.

An encounter with one of the mythical Porapeth changes the course of the journey. Protecting him forces her to face dark magical creatures and a powerful sorcerer determined to destroy the Porapeth in his quest for even more power.

To succeed, she must learn the truth of the blade she’d long thought she’d mastered.

She must truly become the First of the Blade.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror

City of Storms

by Kat Ross

FREE originally $4.99 (Limited time only) 

A city simmering with repressed urges… A fallen angel bent on chaos… And a conspiracy that could destroy them all. Can one woman harness her own psychic power to stop it? In a world with three layers of ever darker magic, few dare to wield the most dangerous. And those who try can fall prey to violent madness. The Church keeps a tight leash on its citizens. It tests every child for psychological deviancy. If you pass, you’re given a Mark. A tattoo that lets you use the ley power—and shields you from your most primal desires. For the lucky ones, the world is at their feet. The rest suffer a life of menial jobs and hopelessness. When tarot reader Kasia crosses paths with a young priest who hunts deviants, her own ugly secret is dragged into the light. Will they learn to trust each other in time to stop a greater evil from corrupting their world? You’ll love the first book in this epic fantasy series because the lush weaving of intrigue, action and slow-burn romance will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get it now.


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