15 Best Fantasy Books of 2023 You Definitely Should Not Miss! 

Welcome to a world where dragons soar the skies, magic crackles in the air, and the realms of your wildest dreams come to life. If you’re an avid fantasy book enthusiast or someone simply looking to get lost in a captivating world of wonder, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re about to embark on a literary journey through the realms of fantasy, as we unveil the 15 Best Fantasy Books in 2023, a selection that promises to enthrall your imagination and spirit.

The year 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting time for fantasy literature, with authors weaving intricate tales of heroism, mythical creatures, and enchanting adventures. From the epic sagas that transport you to distant lands to the hidden gems that add a touch of magic to the everyday, we’ve scoured the literary landscape to compile a list of Must-Read Fantasy Books in 2023. Whether you’re an experienced fantasy connoisseur or a newcomer to the genre, this carefully curated collection has something for everyone.

Each book on our list has been chosen for its ability to transport readers to realms beyond their wildest dreams, so if you’re ready to discover new worlds, uncover hidden powers, and embark on unforgettable quests, keep reading. The enchanting worlds of these Fantasy Books will captivate your imagination, and the characters you’ll meet along the way will stay with you long after you turn the final page. So, let’s delve into the magic and wonder of 2023’s finest fantasy offerings – your next great adventure awaits!

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Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

A thrilling journey into the world of dragon riders and intrigue, where destiny hangs by a thread, and secrets are as deadly as the dragons themselves. Rebecca Yarros, a New York Times bestselling author, weaves a tale of fantasy, romance, and adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Meet twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail, originally destined for the quiet life of a scholar in the Scribe Quadrant. Her world takes an unexpected turn when she’s thrust into the intense and cutthroat environment of Navarre’s war college, where aspiring dragon riders fight for supremacy. With a physique considered fragile and smaller than her peers, Violet faces the constant threat of being incinerated by the very dragons she hopes to bond with.

As the stakes rise, and competition becomes fierce, betrayal and danger lurk around every corner. Xaden Riorson, the formidable wingleader in the Riders Quadrant, poses a significant challenge, both in the skies and in Violet’s heart. In this high-stakes world, every move counts, and alliances can shift in the blink of an eye.

Amidst the ever-present threat of war, crumbling protective wards, and mounting casualties, Violet’s suspicions of hidden truths within the leadership grow. Within the hallowed halls of Basgiath War College, everyone has their own agenda, and there are only two ways out: graduate or meet a darker fate.

This gripping tale spans multiple genres, blending fantasy, romance, and the awe-inspiring presence of dragons. Brace yourself for an immersive journey that explores love, loyalty, and the unrelenting pursuit of destiny in a world where bonds are formed in fire, and survival is never guaranteed!

Hell Bent: A Novel by Leigh Bardugo

Prepare to be immersed in a tale of dark secrets, treacherous journeys, and a determined protagonist who’s willing to defy all odds to rescue a lost soul from the clutches of the underworld. Galaxy “Alex” Stern has set her sights on an extraordinary mission: breaking Darlington out of purgatory. It might sound like a simple plan, but the very journey to the realm of the dead is one from which few return. Yet, Alex’s determination knows no bounds, even if it means jeopardizing her future at Lethe and Yale.

Forced to operate in secrecy and without the support of the Ninth House, Alex and her ally Dawes must assemble a motley crew of questionable characters to save Darlington. Together, they’ll embark on a perilous quest, delving into a labyrinth of enigmatic texts and cryptic artifacts to unveil the most closely guarded secrets of their society. Breaking rules is an understatement; they’re about to shatter the very foundations of tradition. However, when the body count begins to rise, it becomes evident that these are not mere accidents. A sinister force is at play in the heart of New Haven, and Alex finds herself entangled in a web of danger that extends far beyond her academic pursuits.

In “Hell Bent,” Leigh Bardugo weaves a tapestry of history, magic, and chilling twists that will leave you spellbound. As you navigate this intricately crafted world, be prepared for a journey fraught with supernatural forces, suspense, and the unsettling realization that the monsters lurking in the shadows are all too real. Welcome to a realm where darkness runs deep, and only the bravest can hope to survive

A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

Embark on an extraordinary journey as Samantha Shannon invites you to immerse yourself in the enthralling world of “A Day of Fallen Night.” This spellbinding narrative sweeps us back to the universe first introduced in “Priory of the Orange Tree,” weaving a captivating tale that revolves around the lives of four remarkable women and the pivotal events that would leave an indelible mark on their world for generations to come.

Meet Tunuva Melim, a devoted sister of the Priory, who, for half a century, has honed her skills in the art of wyrm-slaying. Yet, as the shadow of the Nameless One looms and wyrms remain absent, the younger generation begins to question the Priory’s true purpose, setting the stage for a profound transformation.

In the Queendom of Inys to the north, we encounter Sabran the Ambitious, who has forged a union with the new King of Hróth, averting potential disaster for both realms. Their daughter, Glorian, finds herself walking in their formidable shadow, carving her own destiny amidst the courtly intrigue.

While the dragons of the East have long been dormant, Dumai has dedicated her life to a Seiikinese mountain temple, tirelessly striving to awaken the slumbering gods. However, an unexpected visitor from her mother’s past threatens to disrupt her carefully laid path.

As the dreaded Dreadmount erupts, casting a shadow of terror and violence across the land, these remarkable women must summon the strength and determination to shield humanity from an impending catastrophe. “A Day of Fallen Night” promises a journey of epic proportions, where destinies intertwine and a world teeters on the brink of chaos, urging its champions to rise against a relentless threat with courage and resilience.

The Adventures of Amina al-Siraf by Shannon Chakraborty

Step into a world of adventure, intrigue, and a protagonist like no other in the captivating tale of Amina al-Sirafi. A woman who, by all accounts, should be content after a lifetime of audacious exploits as one of the Indian Ocean’s most infamous pirates. She’s survived treacherous backstabbing rogues, outwitted vengeful merchant princes, navigated through multiple marriages, and even faced a literal demon. Now, her aspirations have taken a different turn, leading her to retire peacefully with her family, embracing a life of piety and motherhood, leaving behind the supernatural exploits of her past.

However, the quietude of her retirement is shattered when the obscenely wealthy mother of a former crewman tracks her down, presenting an offer that no bandit with a shred of honor could refuse. A king’s ransom in exchange for a daring mission: the rescue of her comrade’s kidnapped daughter. It’s an opportunity that promises one last grand adventure with her beloved crew, a chance to right the wrongs of the past, and a fortune that could secure her family’s future for generations to come. It feels like destiny’s calling.

Yet, as Amina delves deeper into the mission, shadows of doubt and uncertainty loom large. The true nature of the job and the girl’s disappearance unravels, revealing a web of secrets far more intricate and perilous than she initially thought. As Amina pursues one final shot at glory, she’s faced with the unsettling truth that every quest for power and legend carries a price, and the cost might just be her very soul. This is a narrative that will immerse you in a world where the line between right and wrong blurs, and the pursuit of immortality can lead to unexpected and haunting consequences.

Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson

Join us on a captivating journey to a tranquil island nestled in the midst of an emerald-green ocean, where a young girl named Tress leads a life of simplicity. Her days are filled with the humble joys of collecting cups gifted by sailors from far-off lands and savoring the enchanting stories spun by her dear friend, Charlie. However, fate has a different plan in store for her.

When a twist of destiny leads to Charlie’s voyage in search of a bride, the journey takes a perilous turn. Disaster strikes, leaving Tress with no choice but to embark on an adventure of her own. She decides to stow away on a ship, setting her course toward the enigmatic Sorceress of the treacherous Midnight Sea.

In the midst of these spore-infested waters, where the shadows of pirates loom large, Tress must grapple with a monumental decision. Can she leave behind the simplicity of her island life to carve a path of her own on the unforgiving sea, where even a single drop of water could spell instant doom? This is a tale of courage, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit of a young girl as she sets sail into the unknown, determined to navigate the uncharted waters of the Midnight Sea.

To Poison a King by S.G. Prince

Prepare to be captivated by the intriguing story of Selene, the youngest daughter in a lineage of gifted healers, destined to serve as the king’s royal physician. Her life takes a dramatic turn when her mother, Persaphe, entangles her in a perilous conspiracy to assassinate the very monarch she is bound to safeguard.

The situation appears grim as Selene grapples with her role in poisoning the king, but an unexpected twist arises—the poison fails to take his life. Instead, he awakens from his coma, fully aware of the attempt on his existence and consumed by anger.

As chaos engulfs the palace, and a relentless manhunt commences to apprehend the would-be assassin, Persaphe escapes, leaving Selene with the arduous task of nursing the man she once sought to end. She must rehabilitate him, all while concealing her true involvement in the assassination plot. What unfolds is a journey that spans years and continents, where an extraordinary bond between a king and his servant emerges, evolving into something far deeper than either of them anticipated.

However, with every passing day, Selene’s hidden secret becomes an increasingly burdensome weight on her shoulders. She also grapples with the nagging fear that Persaphe, having failed in her first attempt, may return to finish what she started. This story is a testament to the power of transformation, the complexities of loyalty, and the enduring strength of an unexpected friendship that transcends the boundaries of convention and expectation.

Yumi and the Nightmare Painter by Brandon Sanderson

Prepare to embark on a journey that traverses two contrasting worlds, where the intersection of dreams and reality weaves a tale of unforeseen connections and extraordinary destinies. In a realm shrouded in endless night, where nightmares materialize and malevolent shapes lurk in the shadows, a world of darkness awaits. In stark contrast, another world, radiant and brilliant to the point of scorching, is brimming with miraculous possibilities, built by resolute hands that quiver under the weight of every stone raised, and the exhaustion that follows.

Between these divergent worlds, two souls collide, entwine, and forge a path—a bridge connecting the extraordinary and the mundane, forever altering the course of both realms.

Meet Yumi, who has spent her life in obedient servitude, possessing the unique ability to summon benevolent spirits that aid her society. However, deep down, she yearns for just one day of normality. On the other side, Painter roams the dimly lit streets, a dreamer with aspirations of becoming a hero. Yet, his journey has been marred by heartache and solitude, perpetually an outsider looking in. Each of them faces their world alone, in their own way.

In a twist of fate, Yumi and Painter are unexpectedly thrust together, embarking on a quest to rectify the wrongs that have marked their lives. As they reconcile their past with their present, they must tread carefully to maintain the delicate balance of both worlds. If they fail to unravel the mystery that brought them together in time, they risk not only losing the growing bond between them but also the very worlds they’ve tirelessly striven to protect.

As the author, Brandon, aptly notes, sometimes stories emerge like magic, unfurling unexpectedly, and carrying us along in their enchanting current. “Yumi and the Nightmare Painter” is an ode to those serendipitous moments when our dreams intertwine with reality, reminding us that extraordinary connections can be found in the most unexpected places.

Throne of the Fallen by Kerri Maniscalco

Prepare to be whisked away to a world where darkness and desire entwine, in a tale that explores the intricate dance between sin and virtue. In the realm of the Prince of Envy, the line between sinner and saint blurs, and honor is a rare commodity. When a cryptic note arrives, signaling the start of a deadly game, the Prince knows he must rely on more than just his sinful nature to save his faltering demon court. With riddles, hexed objects, and anonymous players, he’s in for a challenge like no other. However, nothing could have prepared him for the enigmatic artist who stirs his desires and ignites a sin that defies all reason.

On the other side of this enthralling narrative, we meet Miss Camilla Antonius, a paragon of virtue, caught in a desperate situation that forces her to confront the world of scoundrels and blackguards. With one grave misstep, she finds herself at the mercy of Waverly Green’s most infamous rogue. To evade a scandal of ruinous proportions, Camilla strikes a devil’s bargain with Envy, little suspecting that this arrangement will awaken her true self.

Envy and Camilla must now embark on a perilous odyssey through the Underworld, navigating glittering demon courts and sultry vampire realms, all while avoiding the most treacherous pitfall of all: succumbing to the intoxication of love. “Best Fantasy Books in 2023” promises to be a spellbinding journey, where love, desire, and danger intersect, leading our protagonists into uncharted territory where the boundaries between good and evil are tested.

The Crown of Oaths and Curses by J Bree

In a life devoted to a king not of my own bloodline, I ventured on a path in pursuit of ultimate honor and glory, only to find myself bereft of everything I held dear. Now, in a world that bears the scars of capricious rulers, I must forsake a lifetime of cherished friendships and unswerving loyalties to confront my own destiny.

Enter the Savage Prince, the formidable heir to the high-fae throne of the Southern Lands, known for his unyielding brutality and icy demeanor. Yet, as the kingdom teeters on the precipice of devastation, I find myself with no alternative but to seek him out.

In a world where the conflict between the fae and witches escalates without end, my path becomes unmistakably clear—to assist the prince in vanquishing his adversaries before it’s too late.

However, there’s a small, significant complication. I am Rookesbane Eveningstar, the Favored Child who has returned, a Witch of the Woods, and remarkably, the greatest adversary of my Fates-blessed mate.

This is a narrative that delves into the intricate interplay between loyalty, destiny, and love in a world brimming with magical prowess. As the battle rages on between the fae and witches, it becomes evident that the lines between friend and foe blur, and choices must be made that will forever alter the course of fate. The Crown of Oaths and Curses presents a thrilling tale that explores the depths of love and sacrifice, set against a backdrop of enchanting worlds and formidable challenges.

The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King by Carissa Broadbent

Immerse yourself in a world where love and power entwine, where the aftermath of the Kejari has shattered everything Oraya once held as truth. In the midst of her own kingdom, she finds herself a prisoner, grieving the loss of her sole family, and grappling with a profound betrayal that has left her questioning her own identity. Amidst this turmoil, one certainty remains: trust is a luxury she can no longer afford, especially when it comes to Raihn.

Even the House of Night, Raihn’s domain, is not without its share of adversaries. The transition to a Turned king, once a slave, is met with resistance from his own nobles. Meanwhile, the House of Blood threatens to unravel the kingdom from within.

When Raihn extends an offer of a covert alliance, Oraya sees it as her only lifeline to reclaim her kingdom and exact vengeance upon the lover who betrayed her. To achieve this, she must harness a formidable ancient power, intertwined with the deepest secrets of her father.

Yet, with adversaries closing in from all directions, the truth becomes a shifting landscape. As Oraya unravels her past and confronts her uncertain future, she faces a heart-wrenching choice between seizing power with all its brutal realities and succumbing to a love that could prove to be her ultimate downfall.

“The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King” is a tale brimming with heartbreak, redemption, intricate intrigue, and pulse-pounding action. This second installment of the Crowns of Nyaxia series and the culmination of the Nightborn Duet is a must-read for fans of “From Blood and Ash” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses.” It’s a narrative that will sweep you into a world of love and power, where the line between right and wrong blurs and choices hold the weight of kingdoms.

The Words of Kings and Prophets by Shauna Lawless

Prepare to delve into an enchanting world where power, magic, and destiny collide in the much-anticipated sequel to “The Children of Gods and Fighting Men.” “The Words of Kings and Prophets,” the latest historical fantasy masterpiece by the talented Shauna Lawless, takes you on an extraordinary journey.

Ireland, in the year 1000 AD, is a land where the clouds of war gather ominously, affecting both mortals and immortals. The Irish kingdoms are locked in an unrelenting struggle for supremacy, while Queen Gormflaith, who rules with discontent in the shadow of King Brian Boru, is hatching a sinister plot to annihilate the Descendants, her sworn enemies of the Fomorian kind. However, as her plans take an unexpected turn, Gormflaith unveils a latent magic within her, one more potent than she ever dared to imagine, but it comes at a price she may not be willing to pay.

Hidden amongst mortals, Descendant healer Fódla navigates the complexities of the mortal world, guarding her young nephew, who harbors secrets of his own. Fódla’s mission is clear: shield the boy from those who seek to exploit his powers for nefarious purposes.

The delicate balance of power and intrigue is further disrupted when a mysterious man arrives at King Brian’s court. His presence threatens to upend the carefully constructed plans of both Gormflaith and Fódla, casting a shadow of uncertainty over Ireland itself. This enigmatic figure is Tomas, an ambitious immortal who will stop at nothing to turn his aspirations into reality.

“The Words of Kings and Prophets” is a narrative of unwavering ambition, hidden powers, and the struggle for control. It’s a gripping tale that immerses readers in a world where the past and the supernatural collide, with consequences that could reshape the destiny of Ireland and all its inhabitants. This is a must-read for those in search of the “Best Fantasy Books in 2023,” a story that seamlessly blends history, magic, and intrigue into a compelling and unforgettable narrative.

The Tyranny of Faith by Richard Swan

Welcome to a world where action, intrigue, and the enigmatic allure of magic coalesce in the second installment of an epic fantasy trilogy. In this captivating narrative, Sir Konrad Vonvalt takes center stage, juggling the roles of detective, judge, and executioner as an Emperor’s Justice. These are turbulent times for those tasked with upholding the law, where the line between order and chaos blurs with every passing moment.

A Justice’s duty knows no rest.

The echoes of the Battle of Galen’s Vale may have faded, but the war for the Empire’s future has only just commenced. Troubled by whispers that the Magistratum’s power is diminishing, Sir Konrad Vonvalt returns to Sova, the heart of the Empire. There, he is met with a city ensnared by a web of intrigue, where the murmurings of rebellion grow louder by the day. In the Senate, patricians openly challenge the Emperor’s authority, while fervent zealots preach divine retribution in the streets.

However, despite these looming threats to the throne, Vonvalt’s immediate focus is diverted when the Emperor’s grandson is abducted. He is entrusted with the perilous mission of rescuing the missing prince, a quest that will lead him into uncharted territory. Accompanied by his stalwart allies, Helena, Bressinger, and Sir Radomir, Vonvalt journeys to the southern frontier, where they will once again confront the relentless zealotry of Bartholomew Claver and his templar knights. Little do they know, a malevolent force of unimaginable darkness lurks in the shadows, threatening to plunge the Empire into chaos.

This narrative is a thrilling odyssey that beckons readers into a realm where honor and duty are weighed against the backdrop of treacherous intrigues and the allure of the arcane. It’s a compelling addition to your list of “Must-Read Fantasy Books in 2023,” where every page unveils new mysteries and unexpected perils, guiding you through a world where the quest for justice is met with both hope and dread.

A Queen of Thieves & Chaos by K.A. Tucker

“Amidst the tumultuous whispers of betrayal, a kingdom teeters on the precipice of chaos.”

As Atticus’s once-firm hold on the realm falters, the very foundation of the kingdom trembles. Threats loom closer with each passing day, compelling him to resort to increasingly desperate measures in a desperate bid to cling to power.

In this time of uncertainty, with Islor’s destiny hanging in the balance, Zander steps forward as the guardian of the Rift, the kingdom’s last bastion against the encroaching Ybarisan army. The scattered forces of the king leave him with no choice but to seek unlikeliest of alliances to defend his homeland.

Behind the formidable walls of Ulysede, a labyrinth of secrets awaits its newly-anointed queen, Romeria. She is keenly aware that within the enigmatic depths of the hidden city, the answers she seeks lie in wait. But can these revelations prove sufficient to salvage the realm from the brink of destruction, or is the kingdom’s fate inexorably sealed?

This narrative weaves a tale of treacherous intrigue and unyielding determination, offering readers a glimpse into a world where power, betrayal, and hope intermingle. It’s an enthralling addition to the realm of “Fantasy Books,” where destinies are shaped by secrets and alliances born from necessity. The future of the kingdom remains uncertain, and as these characters grapple with their intertwined fates, the true path to salvation remains shrouded in mystery.

A Fire in the Flesh by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“In a world where betrayal has cast its shadow, salvation lies in a power greater than the Fates.”

A startling betrayal has left Sera ensnared, held captive alongside the enigmatic ruler of the Shadowlands, a figure she’s fallen deeply in love with. However, the one who has imprisoned them is none other than the false King of the Gods. In the face of this dire situation, a singular hope emerges – to free Nyktos and forestall the relentless forces of the Shadowlands from descending upon Dalos, setting the stage for a cataclysmic War of Primals.

Yet, convincing Kolis, the keeper of her destiny, will be no simple task, even with a lifetime of preparation. His most favored Revenant vehemently insists that Sera is but an illusion. Kolis’s unpredictable temperament and twisted code of honor leave her profoundly unsettled, as she confronts the chilling realities of his Court and the startling revelations that shatter her understanding of her purpose and the very creation of the realms. Moreover, these revelations cast doubt on the true nature of the impending threat.

Surviving Kolis is merely the first skirmish in a more extensive battle. The impending Ascension looms on the horizon, and Sera’s time is running out. However, Nyktos is unwavering in his determination to preserve Sera’s life and grant her the future she deserves. He is willing to risk the complete annihilation of the realms, a calamity that will unfold if he fails to Ascend as the Primal of Life. Yet, despite his resolute efforts, their fates may lie beyond their control.

Nevertheless, there exists an unforeseen, unpredictable, and unwritten thread, an element more potent than even the Fates themselves. This elusive force holds the key to their destiny and may prove to be the ultimate game-changer.

This narrative explores a world where love, sacrifice, and destiny intersect in an epic battle against overwhelming odds. It is a captivating addition to the realm of Fantasy Books, where the very fabric of reality is at stake, and the true power of the unknown awaits its moment to shine.

Labyrinth’s Heart by M. A. Carrick

“Peel back the masks to uncover the truth.”

Ren arrived in Nadežra with a meticulously crafted plan in mind. She would assume the role of the long-lost daughter of the esteemed Traementis family, securing a prosperous future for both herself and her sister. Her intention was to disappear from this city of dreams without a second thought. However, Nadežra has a way of defying the simplest of intentions.

Now, she exists as Ren, a cunning con-artist and nimble-fingered thief. Simultaneously, she embodies Renata, the celebrated heiress of the Traementis legacy. She is also Arenza, the enigmatic pattern-reader and advocate for political reform. In addition, she assumes the mantle of the Black Rose, a vigilante who fights in tandem with the legendary Rook.

With the support of Grey Serrado and Derossi Vargo, the weight of these multiple identities becomes almost unbearable for one person to bear. As the ominous dark magic, which all three of them played a role in unleashing, gathers momentum, a storm brews that threatens to unravel the very fabric of the city. It is only a matter of time before one of these masks slips, setting in motion a chain of events that could bring everything crashing down around them.

This narrative is a mesmerizing exploration of deception, identity, and the ever-shifting sands of fate. It beckons readers to peel back the layers of illusion and uncover the profound truths hidden beneath. With its complex characters and a plot teetering on the precipice of cataclysm, this book promises to be one of the Best Fantasy Books in 2023. It’s a story that reminds us that in a world filled with masks, the quest for authenticity can lead to the most astonishing revelations.

There you have it, our Top 15 Best Fantasy Books of 2023. Looking for more book recommendations?

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