As we all know, a tattoo is a perfect way of expressing ourselves artistically for a lifetime and having to brand yourself as a proud book lover, choosing a design or famous quotes from your favorite book would do its magic. So, what do you think are the perfect tattoo designs for book lovers? If you could get any quote tattoed on your body, what would it beI came from a conservative family and I have a very conservative Dad, when I was younger I really wanted to have a tattoo, but I was never allowed to do so. The reason is that he believes that if I have a tattoo I won’t be allowed to donate blood anymore… for a certain time. He stated that “What if…” someone close to me needed it? I’ll spend the rest of my life regretting that I wasn’t able to help out. I do agree with him, and more importantly, I respected that decision not only because he is my father, but also I understand his reason. As an obedient daughter, I didn’t pursue having a tattoo. Maybe it’s also because I didn’t want it that bad and love my inked free skin that much. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring those pretty tattoo designs that promote reading. Library HeadAgreeing to “not having a tattoo” doesn’t stop me from admiring those book lover inspired tattoos and there are so many pretty ones out there that I can only dream about having on my skin. As an example, I saw this video on Facebook and this back reveal is really stunning and has a great impact on me. Why? well because it really felt like I look like the girl on the tattoo. Several of my friends told me so too after sharing the video. Weird right? ( No, I’m not showing you my picture… lol) Anyway, you can find the image of the video on the right, I can’t embed the video here for some reason I don’t know… gorgeous, isn’t it? I think it perfectly fits every bookworm out there who adore books all the time. As for our “Let’s talk, Thursday” question:

If you could get any quote tattooed on your body, what would it be? 

My answer would be George R.R Martin’s quote…
A readers lived a thousand lives before he dies, a man who never reads lives only once.

Add the quote: “I lived a thousand lives” below

Well, not exactly that quote but the rephrased one. I relate to this quote because I fully enjoy being “abducted” by the books I’m reading. Whenever I read, it feels like I’m living there… like jumping inside and breathing and re-living the words.

I lived a thousand lives.

If given the chance… and the courage to have my skin inked… I’ll choose both of the tattoos I featured here. What about you?  What’s your ideal quote tattoo?

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