I’m very excited to announce MyBookCushion’s first Cover Reveal! Cover Reveal: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter. It’s been years since I hosted any tours, blitz and cover reveals and now moving from a blogger blog into a more professional ( hopefully), if not serious blogging environment I’m super happy to be doing this all over again.

Cover Reveal: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter

Cover Reveal: Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter


Book Summary

Bethany should be dead, just like the doctors predicted.

But along came the butterflies, altering the order of nature.

And now nature is hell bent on revenge

. Because when fate’s path is disrupted,

it’s only a matter of time before balance must be restored.


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Author Rebecca Carpenter

Rebecca Carpenter is a native of western Colorado. She is married with two grown children and has been blessed with four amazing grandchildren. She owns and directs a large childcare center where she shares her love for books. In her spare time, she freelances as a copy editor, helping others attain their writing dreams. She finds solace and clarity while spending time with her husband exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Honest Impression

Interesting, isn’t it? It kept me wondering about why it is called the butterfly bone? I wondered what’s up with the butterfly? What catches my attention to host this cover reveal? I found the book description very interesting. Talk about being dead only to find out you’re alive… again! Jon Snow wouldn’t be happy about it. ( Sorry. Not sorry, GOT fanatic here. Cover Reveal ) Hopefully, no zombies here.

 And as for the cover, hmm… Onion96I honestly didn’t like it that much but you know what they always say… “Never judge a book by its cover!” I am definitely adding this to my TBR list!  Added to my TBR

How about you did you like it? What cover reveal are you hosting today? =)

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