Book Review: Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone

“What did you wish for?” I ask. “If I tell you, it won’t come true.”

“Hmm..” A sudden, hard rush of longing fills my chest.

I nuzzle her ear with my nose like I’m about to tell her a secret.

“Then how will I make it come true?”

– Forever Kinda Love, Clara Stone

Book Review: Forever Kinda Love

Book Review: Forever Kinda Love
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I’ve got a love and hate relationship with this book. Onion96Though I can never deny that I instantly got hooked by the story. Ace and Heath shared the most awesome past, I love that their connection is deep and unbreakable.

Ace lost her mom when she was 7 and she blames herself for it, Heath lost his through cancer. Heath meet the crying, broken little Ace at the hospital and right then on he decided to stay by her side. They became best of buds until high school but friendship blooms into a much deeper feeling. Can they risk their friendship?

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with the kind of plot? Your best friend since childhood, a handsome, rich and popular guy could pass any book boyfriends list requirements. Yes, this is what I thought about Heath… at first. The good old nice guy who would love no one and have eyes for no one but his little best buddy who knows nothing about his feelings. Someone who is deeply, madly head over heels but then here comes Heath imperfection.

He who is in love with his best friend but wouldn’t want to risk telling his true feelings seems to find traits he loves about Ace with another girl and screw with them whenever he wants. Onion93

I mean, how can he be in a relationship and actually be intimate with them when you claim to be in love with your best friend? No, no, no… that’s awfully sick! Plus, I really feel disgusted by the way he treats Lisa.

Onion37Yes, Heath! You can’t even be nominated as one of my book friends.

Ace, on the other hand, has her own quirks and just like Heath who is afraid of stepping out of the friend zone for the same reason. Though, I like her personality. She is strong, pretty, has a good head on her shoulder and knows what and how to get what she wants in life ( aside from her love life).

I can’t figure out why she can’t bring herself to find someone else who is much, much, much better than Heath. Well, I guess that’s love for you. Onion85

I felt sympathy over her relationship with her Dad and admired her for handling it over the years.

“Don’t let love pass you by because you’re too scare to take a chance. For once, throw away all logic and let your heart lead you.” – Forever Kinda Love, Clara Stone

I enjoyed some of the scenes with both of them and hated some, especially the one where Heath have to “announce” to all the audience that he is in love with Ace, which is a bit too much for me.

Author writing style is admirable, I haven’t got an issue on visualizing the character, events, and feelings but the story was a bit predictable, especially the one which Ace have to go through in the end. Some issues were left undiscussed and I also felt that the ending was hastily done.

Book Review: Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone
A Lovelly Series
August 14, 2014 | Self-Publish
Teen & Young Adult, Mature, Contemporary, Romance
Kindle, Verified Purchase
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Onion55Book Review: Forever Kinda LoveBook Review: Forever Kinda LoveMy Rating: 3 Stars
Plot: Medium Paced
Page Turner: First until middle part… I guess…
Continued?: No. This is a standalone in the Lovelly Series
Recommended: Yes, You should give this book a chance!

Book Review: Forever Kinda Love

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Book Review: Forever Kinda Love by Clara StoneClara Stone

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