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Under a Million Stars by Rita BranchesUnder a Million Stars
by Rita Branches
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 8th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Can a beating heart bleed from the shattered pieces?

Her heart cracked when her best friend walked away; it completely shattered when she lost her family in a tragic accident.

Now orphaned at seventeen, Charlotte Peterson is forced to live with her former best friend, Jacob Parker. Charlie, a talented pianist, desperately wants their loving friendship back, but something is holding Jake back. The more she spirals into the darkness of depression, the more she needs him.

Jacob vowed to stay away from her—no matter how much he still loved her. Armed with secrets that would have destroyed both of their families, he chose to end their friendship and walk away, which nearly killed him. Ashe watches the girl he once knew begin to fade away, however, he realizes that their relationship is more important than the truth he’s hiding.

Now it’s up to Jacob to put the pieces of Charlie’s broken heart back together—even if it means revealing the secrets he so desperately wants to protect her from.

Will Jacob find a way to bring back the carefree, talented girl he once knew, or is it too late for both of them?

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Honest Impression

I got interested in this book’s cover and so I requested to host the blog tour. Under a Million Stars by Rita Branches is a full load of emotional scenes. Even with just the starting chapters, my emotions was already stirred and I felt for Charlie.

Charlie is a talented girl who has everything she wanted, She plays the piano and she is very good at it, she has a happy family and two best friends. But, everything went down hill when a tragic accident took both of her parent’s lives and her younger brother also.

I really felt how Charlie was dealt with the pain, I really liked her and her relationship with her best friend Kylie. She shows strength and also a weakness that made her character really realistic.

I dislike Jacob in a way that he hadn’t told Charlie his secret. Why does he need to mess Charlie’s head, when he was also feeling the same way about her? I really don’t get his character, but this was all redeemed in the end.

Under a Million Stars by Rita Branches were an easy read and a very heart-warming one. Aside from some chapters or scenes that look a bit hastily done as it has the tendency to jump to one scene and to the other.

Book Review: Under a Million Stars
August 8, 2016
Teen & Young Adult, Drama, Contemporary, Romance
Received ARC from YA Bound Book Tous
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Plot: Fast Paced
Page Turner: YES!
Continued?: No.
Recommended: Yes.

About the Author
Rita Branches

Hi! I’m Rita Branches. I was born and raised in Portugal and I’m going to independently publish my debut novel in the Spring of 2016, Painting Sky.I am so happy that you decided to take a look at my work. Little bit about myself: along with being a writer, I am also a landscape architect. I started writing to bring ‘to life’ the stories that my mind created.I LOVE to read. It was and always will be my passion.

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